A Brand from Tradition to Future: Yörsan

The adventure of Yorsan, which started in 1964, when Sebahattin, Izzettin and Serafettin Yörük established in Ankara the company Yörükler Ltd. Şti., today with its high technologic investments, paves confidently its way towards becoming a trademark.

In 1969 Yörükler started producing olive and olive oil and in 1970 it started producing cheese. Yörükler in 1975 hired an ice workshop in Maltepe, and in this way a wide-range cheese purchase and sale was started. In 1979 Yörükler purchased a diary in Balıkesir and started production, too. In 1984 the foundations of Yorsan were laid down and Yorsan A.Ş. was founded.

Yörsan continues its successful activities from tradition to future since 1984 with the establishment of the first white cheese factory of Turkey and has become the company which for the first time has realized the concept of cultured cheese, i.e. production of cheese out of pasteurized milk. Raised with an identity of a firm which has made an industrial investment and production of the traditional white cheese in Turkey, Yorsan has brought together the Turkish white cheese with the technology and industry. Along with over 150 types of cheese, Yorsan has a wide variety of other milk and diary product segments and together with the domestic market, and along with the domestic market, it exports to the USA and Japan for a very long time. Yorsan is the first Turkish white cheese to enter Japan. Countries of export other than the USA and Japan are Germany, Austria, the UK, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Japan, Turkic Republics, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Yorsan, together with its rich ragne of products of over 150 types of cheese, Yorsan has a wide variety of other milk and diary product segments, in the drinking milk segment, UHT, pasteurized milk, aromatized milks, in yogurt types Yorsan gives services with , strained yogurt, traditional pan yogurt, homogenized yogurt and fruit yogurts. Ayran, butter, honey-jams group, fruit juices and nectars, sweet types, cheese marketed nationally and international markets such as timed cheeses, fresh cheese, fresh cream cheese, mozzarella, gouda, ricotta, salad cheese are the other products of Yorsan, and some of the regional cheeses are Diyarbakır braided, Van Herby, Urfa, Antep, Mihalliç, Izmir Bryndza, Halloumi.

Source: 29.10.2005, Anatolian Press Center, Referans Journal